{Fast Day} Day 15: ‘Bulletproof’ Coffee

Before we talk about the phenomenon of ‘bulletproof’ coffee & how it can supposedly aid weight loss, a big thank you for the lovely comments & a couple of e-mails about my progress pics (glad to hear that you guys can see some changes already too!), it has really spurred me on to continue on this journey!

The last four days have been feed days & they have been pretty indulgent to say the least. It was my last few days before moving jobs so there was plenty of goodbye chocolates/cake/pizza & err sloppy joes. Whilst I loving having treats, I was pretty glad when it was all over as my self-discipline can be a bit unpredictable at best, so I like it when I can get back to my 80/20 (80% healthy, 20% less so) routine. In some attempt to offset all the snacks, on Monday, I hit the pool again (loving outdoor swimming at the moment!) to complete my HIIT swim workout:

sloppy joes swimming^^^ Swimming totally counteracts sloppy joes right?

Today, I felt ready for a fast day. I was also feeling experimental so thought I would try out my own version of ‘bulletproof’ coffee. For those not in the know, Bulletproof coffee is a disgusting-sounding concoction of coffee, grass-fed butter & MCT oil (extracted from a combination of palm oil & coconut oil) – I’ve never tried it personally but I’m guessing it is an acquired taste. The coffee is supposed to provide an energy boost whilst promoting a state of ketosis (simply put, ‘fat burning’) which is particularly helpful in fasted states. During my fast days of the 5:2 lifestyle as it makes sense to try and maintain the state of ketosis for as long as possible.

So far on fasting days, I’ve just had a black coffee in the morning & then waited for dinner. In between however I’ve often felt ravenous & tired. In an attempt to combat this today, I had a teaspoon of coconut oil into my morning coffee:

bulletproof coffee


It actually gave the coffee a yummy coconut flavour so was rather palatable.

As for any positive effects, it is too early to say. After a some late nights/early mornings I really feel like my body needs sleep for a boost as opposed to caffeine. I did however feel less ‘ravenous’ by the time my evening meal came. So I’m going to keep giving it a go over my next few fast days to see how I go!


Have you ever tried ‘bulletproof’ coffee? What’s your take on it?

{Fast Day} Day 10: Exercising on the 5:2 diet

hiit swim workout


I’m vaguely getting into the swing of things, I still hit a point of feeling ravenous & exhausted on a fast day in the late afternoon but nothing that I can’t talk myself out of. I sort of feel like the exhaustion is a good thing (& is residual from a busy life, as opposed to from the regime) as previously I would ‘eat my way’ out of tiredness but the fast days don’t let me do this. Before we hit the topic of exercising & today’s workout, my dinner this evening was my Low Calorie Seafood Pasta (this time with Slim Pasta’s Penne which is distinctively unattractive and un-penne like. Nevertheless it was still delicious & I gobbled the dish up):

seafood penne


^^^ This was half of what I ate & I had a good few handfuls of salad leaves on the side too.

A Word on Exercising whilst Fasting

Is it safe to exercise on the 5:2 diet? Will I have enough energy to exercise on a fast day? Should I eat more the day before if I plan to exercise?

These questions often cross the mind of a newbie faster (myself included!). My personal experience is that exercise is a great complement to the 5:2 lifestyle but admittedly certain types of exercise suit me better (e.g. I think marathon & other endurance type training on the regime would be quite tricky to co-ordinate, what with carb loading & fuelling mid runs etc.) – enter HIIT i.e. High Intensity Interval Training. I used to inadvertently do HIIT on the treadmill when I was a gym bunny (read: short sprints separated by bouts of walking to recover) mainly because I was addicted to the adrenaline rush & intense satisfying feeling sprinting can give. At the time I never realised that HIIT was a ‘thing’ & can not only greatly improve our cardiovascular fitness but alsos help in fat burning & weight loss. It also revs up the metabolism long after you’ve stopped sweating.

The other benefit I find personally? It is time-effective. With no other workout can I be out the door & back within 20 minutes. Great for us busy souls out there (which in this day & age includes pretty much everyone).

I’m currently nursing an injury. If I wasn’t, I would aim to do some HIIT (running being my preference) 3 times a week. Instead I have become relegated to the poolside which I finally visited today! Behold today’s workout:

hiit swim workout

I repeated the ‘sprint/recovery’ cycle about 7 times, had a couple of warm down laps & called it a day. The short workouts are perfect for a fasting day, as they aren’t a slog & aren’t too taxing. I love to workout on the morning of a fast day as I feel it energises me & sets me up for the day. I similarly love to workout on the morning of a feed day as I feel great after a bout of intense exercise after a longish fast. That said, I’m a one trick pony with regards to being an early bird so something I hope to work on before the darker mornings arrive!

Oh and for anyone wondering, there is no need to carb load, especially with HIIT. I would only recommend carb loading if you’re going to be exerting yourself for greater than 90 minutes (gentle exercise not included).

Do you exercise on the 5:2 diet? What exercise do you do? Any experiences with HIIT or other swim HIIT workouts I could try?

{Fast Day} Day 8: Low Calorie Seafood Pasta Recipe

low calorie seafood pasta.PNGToday I have a delicious & ridiculously quick recipe for you!

But first things first…

Today was another fast day on the 5:2 diet meaning a total of 500 calories over the course of the day. I’ve been experimenting over my past fast days (today is my 4th!) & find that, so far, ‘saving’ my calories for my dinner works the best for me as opposed to having 2 meals a day (generally the norm). I figure I’m an ‘all or nothing’ type gal & spreading my calories over the day tends to taunt me rather than satisfy me. Which meant that my day was fuelled by americanos!

iced americano

I normally just make my own at work but a colleague brought in two boxes of krispy kremes (cry!) so I felt like I needed a ‘treat’ – which consisted of a blended iced americano with a shot of hazelnut sugar free syrup. I won’t lie, it sucked ass compared to a yummy glazed beautiful krispy kreme but pat on the back for some self-discipline (that said, I wrapped up one of the donuts for tomorrow ‘just in case’ I want it. Hell yeah, I want it.).

I had also meant to wake up early to go to the swimming pool but hey, I’m not a saint! The snooze button won today. I may do some lunges (LUNGE!) tonight if I’m feeling particularly perky.

Fast forward to dinner & I wanted something quick. But tasty. My reward for surviving on pure caffeine all day had better be good. Enter these:

eat water slim products

These Eat Water Slim products are the bomb. Utterly overpriced & a weird rubbery like texture (almost squid like?! Weirdly enough I love the consistency!) but a great way to bulk up a meal for minimal calories, and the perfect vessel to carry any sauces. No pressure but your sauce has got to be goddam moreish or else you’ll end up with a bowl of ‘blah’.

Recipe time!

Low Calorie Seafood Pasta

Calories: 482 calories


low calorie seafood pasta ingredients

  • A pot of tomato based sauce (I used Tesco’s Tomato & Basil sauce)
  • 230g seafood (Tesco’s Cooked Seafood selection pour moi)
  • 1 packet Slim Pasta spaghetti, fettucine, or penne (they all taste the same)
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 sticks celery
  • 70g tenderstem broccoli to serve

Chop the carrots & celery & ‘water fry’ (put a little water into a hot pan & ‘fry’) until tender, add the seafood & sauce & simmer. Rinse the Slim pasta as per their instructions & dry. Mix together. Serve with blanched broccoli (stick the broccoli in a boiling pan of water for around 4 mins then drain).

low calorie seafood pasta 2

The resulting portion size is ginormous. ^^^ is less than half of what I ate (I just presented half of it for prettiness sake, I heaped it on good after I put the camera down) & I actually had to take a break two thirds into my meal before finishing off the rest (no way am I throwing away this bowl of deliciousness)!

If you find the cost of Slim pasta too steep (about £1.20 a pop), omit & bulk up the dish with more veg to create a steaming bowl of seafood ratatouille dreaminess.

low calore seafood pasta 3